Heather, Iowa's champion S.P.E.W. (Sexy Professional Exotic) wrestler
by Jack Corbett

Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling--SPEW--started when  Iowa's topless-bottomless champion,  Heather,  wrestled Killer Kloey, Missouri's champion stripper wrestler.

Heather first captured my imagination at Nudes-A-Poppin where I had learned that she had once been hired as a celebrity's body guard.  But upon our getting better acquainted I soon learned that she had an "I'm the toughest stripper alive" attitude that went so well with her lithe, leggy, figure that I first shot of her completely nude.  But I had photographed nearly a hundred naked strippers and feature entertainers that weekend at the Nudes-A-Poppin pageant.  But Heather was gung-ho, being up for practically anything and she had just the right look for what I needed.  I was writing gun articles for Xtreme Magazine and I wanted a slender, blonde for my upcoming article on the Colt Python .357 magnum who I could pull off as the female counterpart to Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry.   It took only ten seconds for Heather to agree to driving over 400 miles down to Missouri to do the photo shoot for Xtreme Magazine.  But she brought a D.J. friend of hers along from Club Sapphires in Waterloo, Iowa, a decision of epic proportions considering that it was Krazy Ted who fuel injected Heather's career by coming up with her Dirty Heather moniker over a few cocktails.

 After doing the photo shoot, I took Heather and Krazy Ted to the Foxes and Hounds Tavern a the Cheshire Lodge in Clayton, Missouri.  I had read a four page article in the Saint Louis Post Dispatch about Mark Pollom, the tavern's resident bartender, a man who had written several books and acquired a certain degree of notoriety throughout the Saint Louis area.  Decked out in the style of a traditional English pub, Foxes and Hounds, had become one of my favorite watering holes even though I was then living across the river in Illinois.  I had fond memories of eating Welsh Rarebit at the Cheshire Lodge in my High School days while a few years later my sister had her wedding reception there while I was still in college.  So after reading about Mark in St. Louis's number one newspaper I just had to meet him and once I did I found that Mark was everything the St. Louis Post Dispatch had made him out to be.  So there we were, Krazy Ted, Heather and  me having a few special concoctions Mark was making up for us when Krazy Ted suddenly broke out in that crazy demented laugh of his--"We should call her "Dirty Heather" in your article Jack."  When I agreed, Mark replied, "Shouldn't Heather have something to say about this?"  But when it became obvious that Heather was enthralled by the comparison between Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry and herself my upcoming article, "Dirty Heather and the Colt Python was assured.    

It wasn't long after Xtreme Magazine published Dirty Heather and the Colt Python that I asked Heather to pose with a 30 caliber Browning belt fed M 19 machine gun   which is what armed American troops in World War II and Korea.  In this article Dirty Heather became Machine Gun Heather.

But all of this paled compared to what Heather did next.  Every week Big Daddy's Cabaret was hosting its hot oil wrestling which pitted American servicemen from Fort Leonard Wood, which was practically next door to the strip club, against Big Daddy's entertainers.  Big Daddy, the club owner who had once been a professional D.J. as well as an ex television professional wrestler had been filling the pit with mashed potatoes and gravy and whatever else his fertile mind could conjure up.  So it didn't take much to convince BD to host a Missouri versus State of Iowa wrestling competition.  His girls headed by Killer Kloey had lots of experience wrestling against United States Marines and Army guys so surely their toughest stripper should be able to easily defeat the upstart from Iowa even if she did call herself Dirty Heather.  The match of champions, the blood bath of blood baths was conceived at the Exotic Dancer Expo in Las Vegas once Big Daddy got his head together with Big Mike, the general manager of the Lumberyard strip club in Des Moines.  Sultry Leah Layne would be the referee while feature entertaining at Big Daddy's and Krazy Ted would wind up getting his forehead cut up while the two contestants were hurling insults at each other.  There could only be one winner.  But in the end I wound up with Krazy Ted as one of my most loyal writers for the Looking Glass Magazine. 





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