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A real dancer is an athlete. And Angie is no exception. Like a batter walking up to the plate during the big game who rubs special preparations on his hands to get a good grip on his bat, Angie carefully eyeballs the pole before starting to dance. Then...more likely than not she will put something on her palms so she has just the right feel for the pole. Years ago she took ballet lessons and it shows. One look at the Visions stages, surrounded by mirrors which reflect a kaleidoscope of lights, show that this club was serious about the way it was presenting its dancers. As professional entertainers. The pictures show Angie off as the consummate dancer----a girl who knows all the right moves and who is physically fit enough to exhibit them.

During the photo shoot at the club's center stage I watched Angie get pumped up for a performance she knew would get on the Internet. I was reminded of myself running in Cross Country meets in High School and College. I remember not being able to sleep on nights before critical meets. While lying in bed I would be planning the race being not smart enough to count sheep the way most normal people do.

Angie was the same way....with her adrenalin flowing as she thought about how she might appear in the pictures I was taking. The energy drain must have been terrific as I watched just about every move I had ever seen on a pole. Angie was in top form calling on all her reserves of inner strength. It was a successful photo shoot but professionals seem to keep performing on a high level even when they are too tired to remember their own names.

Then after all the pictures had been taking she came back to the bar, still excited and eager to see how the pictures had turned out.

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Animated Gif of Angie performing on the Visions stage

Visions might have changed its name to Boxers and Briefs and be looking for an entirely different kind of clientele. But we are still in touch with many of our friends from there. Lori, the bartender, Selena who danced there, and Charli who we all love to death. As to Angie-----she's a woman of many talents. Ever see those hot tub pictures of Kristal and Jack on the Chameleon web site? Angie was the photographer.

Pictures of Angi on her home computer and our ideas on why this talented woman dances without her clothes on for a living.


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