Devon Lee---Headed for
Super Stardom

by Jack Corbett

Devin Lee


A well regarded professional photographer once told me, "I can take pictures of knock-out models all day long, but it's attitude that makes the difference and I simply won't deal with a woman who doesn't have it."

 Among the top feature entertainers on today's circuit, Devon Lee's got it all--stunning good looks and attitude.

 By attitude, I don't mean the woman who cries out: "Come look at me." Or who's always trying to take charge. I'm talking about that rare breed of woman who's quietly self-assured, who people simply want to be around. Recently "Xtreme Magazine" asked me to do monthly dancer profiles, which means feature entertainers. I asked the editor: "Can I pick anybody I want?" When the editor said I could pick anybody, I said without hesitation: "I want to interview Devon Lee. I already took a lot of excellent pictures of her." My article and short interview of Devon as it was published in the July issue of "Xtreme Magazine" follows along with a few pictures I took of her.

I have been fortunate to do three shootouts of Devon, not in a studio but in two clubs, first Platinum in Brooklyn, Illinois and then at Club Fantasies during the Pure Talent Feature Showcase in Providence eight months later. There is a handful of features I've met who have what I call stellar charismatic photographic appeal and Devon Lee ranks at the top rung of this select pyramid. Now here's a little secret on what it takes to get there. The entertainer has to have much more than just the right curves, face, and figure to cut it in this league. Combining these physical attributes with a great attitude is de rigor and Devon's got it all, in spades.

Some people project a superficial outgoingness. Devon's eminently approachable and genuinely friendly in a quiet non pushy way.

You might just make the mistake of thinking she's your typical girl next door, but much more attractive. On the phone with her after the Pure Talent Feature Showcase, I got an entirely different impression.

Xtreme: "Devon, this is not going to be a long interview because I feel I have gotten to know you well enough that I'm going to tackle this thing more from my own personal impressions of you instead of what we are about to say on the phone. How long have you been featuring and where did you get your start dancing."

Devon: "I started as a house dancer at "Night Moves" in Bloomington, Indiana and I've been featuring for something like one and a half years."

Xtreme: "How would you characterize your style of dancing while featuring on the stage? Some of the features rely heavily on props while some of them hardly use props at all, relying instead on raw dancing ability alone."

Devon: "I do like wearing fancy costumes although I don't rely too much on props. And I like to play fast moving upbeat music. You will seldom see me have the DJ play a slow song."

Xtreme: "I have a feeling that you work very hard at your career. I know this is nearly impossible for you to answer but how many hours a week do you think you work on the average?"

Devon: "I must work at least 30 hours a week when I'm not on the road and I'm at home. When I'm on the road, I don't even know. It seems I'm on the go all the time, driving long distances from place to place, working in the club night after night until close, doing photo shoots and radio appearances the next night. Sixty, maybe seventy hours a week."

Xtreme: "I know how it is. You don't even count the hours. You can't begin to.
Devon, what are your short term goals-that is where do you want to be three or four years from now?"

Devon: "I want to really have my name out there and not have to work so hard getting it there."

Xtreme: "And what are your long term goals? Say fifteen years from now, when you are no longer a feature?"

Devon: "I'd like to get all my bills paid and to retire so that I can spend my time with my family. And I'd like to be in movies."

Xtreme: "Porn or other adult movies?"

Devon: "No. Mainline movies. I haven't thought about it too much. It's just a dream I have."

Xtreme: "I think that's a dream a lot of women have, from all walks of life. But very few of them are as photogenic as you. I've never met anyone who was easier to get outstanding pictures of or who was more pleasant to work with. The film maker who discovers you is a lucky man."

No. Devon Lee is not your typical girl next door. Just ask the girl next door what she wants to do with her life and what she's going to do about it. Chances are one of her major goals is not to become financially independent. And if they are, I'm betting that she's not working nearly as hard as Devon to achieve them. And if you think the girl next door is friendly, well, you just haven't met Devon yet. Just don't mistake her sometimes quiet, ladylike reserve for arrogance or aloofness. My crystal ball sees a new star in the pantheon of feature entertainers who's name reads, Devon Lee. And who can blame either the girl next door or Devon for dreaming about being in the movies? The only difference is Devon's got a genuine shot at it. One and a half years as a feature is just the start in a feature's career. It wouldn't surprise me to see Devon accomplish just about anything she wants.


Devin LeeDevin LeeDevin Lee

Devin LeeDevin Lee

Devin LeeDevin LeeDevin Lee



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