Arianna a del--Louisville Spice
by Jack Corbett

Arianna a del

Sheís young, sheís from Louisville with a great Southern accent, and sheís got great eyes. How beautiful is she?

Sheís so cute that I took 400 pictures of her out of the 2300 I took in three nights at a recent Pure Talent Feature Showcase of 18 feature entertainers.

 Recently Arianna and her roommate spent a weekend with me while doing a photo shoot for my M-16 gun of the month article. When the three of us went out to the clubs here, she didnít bother putting on her makeup, and didnít have to. Thereís too much to tell here about this alluring feature entertainer just starting out on her career as a professional, about how much fun she is to be around, or how much she had to say on that tape we filled during our phone interview--a tape that proves uncommon wisdom sometimes resides in the young, and that true beauty can be both external and internal at the same time.

Xtreme: "Arianna, you are a house dancer just starting out as a feature."

Arianna: "Yes. And Iím a head liner."

Xtreme: "Whatís that?"

Arianna: "A head liner is somebody who has credits and titles who uses those to go on the road and people come see you."

Xtreme: You know you would probably make more money being a house dancer, so why do you want to feature?"

Arianna: "That all depends. I want to be a feature because of the satisfaction."

Xtreme: "What do you mean?"

Arianna: "Iíve been at Godfather IIís for 4 Ĺ years and although a lot of people know me, how many are going to remember me? If Iím in a lot of magazines and feature I will be remembered?

Xtreme: "Probably no oneís going to remember you in a hundred years no matter what you do."

Arianna: "Probably not but in a hundred years whoís going to remember Michael Jordan?"

Xtreme: "Why arenít the other girls at Godfather IIís doing what you are doing?"

Arianna: "I donít think they have the drive. They lack motivation. Itís all about how you drive yourself. Iím very self driven. I believe in having the best and being the best at what I do. Most girls who dance only care about money. And sometimes money isnít what makes the person. Many times itís about having self respect, moral factors, and just being a true person.

Xtreme: What do you have that other dancers donít have?"

Arianna: "Personality. Jack, youíve known me for some time and we spent that weekend together and you know how I am. Youíve seen me go without my makeup. Itís just me. You get this and itís me. People either love me or they hate me. You asked about other dancers. They are worried too much about money and you canít have personality when you are too worried about a dollar bill all the time.

Xtreme: "Over at Big Alís you tell me you rely a lot on your good looks.

Arianna: "Every feature offers something. Me. Iím all about sexuality. When you see me you get the charisma of someone who is very sexual, sensual and at the same time class. Me...I will pull you in with my eye contact. When you see me you see one of the most sexual women you will ever look at.

Xtreme: "Now donít give yourself too much."

Arianna: "Iím just talking about what goes on in my mind when Iím on the stage. I block everything else out of my mind. I know that Iím giving the show to be sexual. And when you look at me thatís what I want you to see of me. I want you to feel like when Iím on the stage with you, Iím in bed with you."

Xtreme: "Donít do this to me."

Arianna: "Everything that I do I want you to feel like Iím getting you off."

Xtreme: "What are your long term goals while working in this profession?"

Arianna: "I donít want to do this forever but I want to be one dancer who can say I didnít waste my money on cocaine, I didnít waste my money on drugs, I didnít stay up all night drinking alcohol, and that I can have fun when Iím 35 doing this. You canít do this forever but if you do it right you donít have to do anything else afterwards. I just want to leave this business with a name of respect, and for people to say, I remember her as a good girl, and I liked watching her. She was very much what we expectedĖa great show and a great person."

Watching the great features perform is an unforgettable experienceĖespecially when they are at their best. But wouldnít it be something to watch a young girl climb to the pinnacle of her profession and be there when sheís just starting her climb to the top? I was a kid watching Muhammad Ali just starting out as he set out to become the greatest heavyweight of all time. Back then he was Cassius Clay and he was from Louisville Kentucky. So is Arianna a Del.

Above is Arianna's Feature Profile to be in February's "Xtreme Magazine"  Next month  in the "Looking Glass" look for her being featured with the M-16 rifle which will be published in  February's  Xtrem


Arriana a delArriana a del Arriana a del Arriana a del


Arriana a del nakedArriana a del nakedArriana a del nakedArriana a del naked
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