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Sometimes it seems that some of the cutest and most attractive girls to appear here at alphapro have come out of northern Indiana where Jack has an especially warm and cordial relationship with Sam Stimmel, owner of Stimmelators and Vice President of INCA, the Indiana Night Club Owners Association.   Meanwhile some of Jack's Indiana buddies keep ribbing him with:  "Our girls are cuter than the dancers where you live back in Illinois."  And alphapro's woman of the year, Delilah, is representing the alphapro booth at the Las Vegas convention late August and although Delilah's been living in Michigan for years, she's originally from Indianapolis and met Jack at Sam's Indiana  club.  Well, we have to hand it to those Indiana beauties.     We hate to fess up but that state of Indiana's a difficult act to follow.  Until now and the reason is Bella.

It all started with Jack's doing four photo shoots at the Platinum Club during the day shift.  Gina, the club's day shift manager hand picked the girls.   One of them was Bella who turned out to pose some extraordinary problems for Jack.   Nearly all her pictures came out sensational making it difficult to choose between them for the Platinum web site to come.   Now don't get us wrong, Platinum' s has some extraordinarily beautiful women and Gina introduced Jack to some very fine choices.  But with Bella we are entering another dimension entirely.   We are dealing with superlatives here and it's superlatives that describe a girl who truly has star quality. 

To start with Bella has a very special look.  She's neither tall nor short.  Put her at about five-six.  Her figure's trim and athletic but absolutely devoid of the hard muscles many dancers have who are at one with the stage.   Her face sparkles  with good humor and intelligence.   There's serenity and poise in both her expression and her movements.   But we are going to let you be the judge of that from her pictures below.

So what's she like?   She's terrific.  She's always thinking ahead, a female strategist who's a good planner with her eye on the future. 

Although she's just twenty there's a bit of the mother hen about her.   She sees Jack light up a cigarette and says:  "I thought you told me you were quitting smoking."   Then smiles when he replies:  "Who are you?  My keeper?"  Or that time Jack's trying to get hold of the new general manager to discuss the web site and she suggests:  "Why don't you just go up to his office after ten and sit down with him?"

Her eyes and ears miss nothing and she's like a sponge soaking up what he's doing with his camera, the graphics arts programs and his laptop asking as he clones a second Bella into the background on his laptop:  "How are you doing that?"  Or when he's composing her web page for  the Platinum web site:  "Didn't you misspell that word, Jack?  Or, you know what would be a good idea?  How about taking the third paragraph and using it for your conclusion?" 

Now there's almost something scary about that.   She's an entertainer, not a writer, but you have to wonder:   "How sharp is she, anyway?  What other talents does she possess that could propel her into a world far beyond that of a typical house dancer's?   We have seen it in many successful feature entertainers--drive, ambition, a willingness to work hard at getting ahead, business mindedness, and intelligence that greatly surpasses the average person's.   But Bella's not been found yet and so far we hardly know her.  

Now let's say you have to meet someone important or a whole group of people and the situation calls for having a woman along who's strikingly beautiful, who's charming, a good conversationalist and who will not let you down by committing the social miscues that might jeopardize the impression you are trying to create.   Bella's one of the wisest choices you could ever make. 


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