The following pictures Jack took of Alex in October, 2000 

Alex chose the setting way out in the Missouri hills.   Allen Nilman and Jack armed with their cameras, Jack with his Kodak DC-280 digital while Allen opted for his classic Nikon 35 mm with a wide assortment of lenses.  

We haven't seen Allen's work as of this posting but everyone's confident that it's going to be damn good.  Now---back to the photo shoot.   It's in the middle of nowhere and the last mile of road is deeply rutted as it meanders through a wooded area leading to a stream.  Alex has her heart set on doing some water shots along with a variety of nature scenes.  Allen follows Jack and Alex in his van but the Miata's been lowered an inch and it's the worse vehicle imaginable for managing an uneven dirt road such as this one.   They ground the Miata out three times before parking it between two trees a quarter of a mile from where the photo shoot's to take place.

Alex has brought along a bottle of wine and two wine glasses.   She needs it because the last scenes as the sun starts to fall below the horizon are of her in the icy stream.  Jack taunts her long before she has to plunge into the water:  "I feel so comfortable and warm in these jeans.  Sure glad I'm not going to have to freeze in that water."   But what are true friends for?  As she's freezing her nipples hard, he jumps into the water with her.  "I want to share your pain with you," he tells her.  

And that---is the true meaning of friendship.   As for Alex, she's the best.



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