Alex met Jack Corbett years ago at C-Mowes where she was stripping, ironically as a critic of "Death on the Wild Side" then only a 200 page manuscript. Then, in those old days, Jack was going out with Lori Mellon, a dancer who worked the day shift while Alex worked the night shift.

Now you've got to picture this one since out of more than 2500 strip clubs in the United States this has probably never happened before. Guy comes into a club--ends up going out with one of the girls-but often ends up staying at the club well into the night shift . He drinks with the girls. One of them is Alex. And tells her: "I'm writing a novel and I'm wondering if I'm on the right track or not," and she replies "I'll tell you what I think of it if you bring it in." The novel is destined to be published. It eventually balloons into a 800 page manuscript which winds up being cut back to 464 pages in it final paper back form. Alex takes the initial 200 page manuscript home, reads it, then meets Jack back at the club several days later where she critiques the manuscript. The soon to be published  writer takes the dancer's suggestions to heart and makes the suggested changes to the manuscript.

For the next few years the author and Alex meet at C-Mowes from time to time or at Dollies which becomes the author's favorite drinking spot. For a few weeks Alex winds up working at Dollies--then quits-drives a truck for a few months and works at another club. Alex then returns to Dollies working the night shift. And by this time, Alex is online from her home. Jack gets online everywhere he finds himself and has established an Internet hub in the club itself.


Obviously there is much more to Alex than just a stripper  with a pretty face. For Alex is a writer herself.

And Dollies is much more than a topless club. It is a culture. It is a Mecca for people to meet from all across the American continent.

There is a glue here that binds-----a glue that has never been encountered before. The glue that brings and keeps people together from all walks of life. Their meeting place-----often in the Lost Angels Forum-online. Often at Dollies where men and women get together amidst the clinking of shot glasses filled with tequila or surrounded by bottles of beer sharing together what life has to offer or taken away.

The glue, a magnet, drawing people together from all walks of life----the women from the dancing profession as Alex puts it so well, an elite of strippers. As the group gets larger one thing becomes more and more obvious. The magnet draws people of talent and those with a thirst for adventure who are willing to share both with the others. But is more than that even. We are leaving that to be discovered and this one's on you.

Alex is a poet. Her life has taken many twists and turns...sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Unlike most who have encountered so much of life's experiences Alex is leaving something behind for others sharing with her-- life's journey or who come after.

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Alex's Poetry

Food for Thought

I saw an old couple at Burger King today

And they were holding hands,

I wanted ask out loud if they had been together all their lives

But watching them,

I knew they always had.

I felt an overwhelming sense of grief

Knowing that we'll never see the same

An overpowering sense of hate,

For the disease that gives you so much pain.

An immeasurable sense of protection

To keep you from the darkness

Keep the faith

Please don't die.


The sun stretches out skinny, greedy fingers

Like a thief, it steals away the moon,

I spend long, lonely nights

Filled with fear and doom.

As I stand before a hateful world that couldn't care less,

Still for myself, I strive to be the best----

So when the world is crying,

I'll stand with a smile,

I"ll remember my own past tears

It'll be their pain for awhile.........


I want to go to you with open arms,

Accept you in with all your charm.

It's a dream that can't come true,

How well I know this feeling of blue

I want to kiss you and hold you near,

Whisper sweet words, low in your ear.

To love you again like many times before,

Not quite the same, but even more.

Just to keep you, is what I wish from this time on,

Being together, two as one.

Seizing a moment, all the way,

Refusing to acknowledge, the hell we'll pay.

Keeping your heart, for my own,

Reaping the fields, that we have sewn,

A dream, a lie, it can't come true,

Oh, how well I know, this feeling of blue




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