Ruger's SP101 or GP100, what is the better Choice?

by Jack Corbett

Xtreme Weapons

Adina Winters

Which revolver would sexy stripper Adina Winters choose if she could have just one handgun?

Adina Winters strips to pay her bills when she's not eating up the ski slopes at Lake Tahoe with her hot snowboard.  Among the  topless dancers plying their trades at the gentlemen's clubs in Reno, Adina's physique is matchless due to clean living and lots of exercise crunching the slopes at breathtaking speed.   She's fearless.  Her coordination is superb.  She could easily handle any handgun you put in front of her.  But which one would be best for her?  A pocket pistol, such as a small .32 or .380?  Or how about a .44 magnum which can handle just about all critters big or small?  While some might recommend a light weight Smith and Wesson or Taurus 38 snubby most true professionals who are worth their salt would probably opt for a 1911 .45 automatic.  But for Adina or most of you readers, either a Ruger SP101 with a 3 inch barrel or its larger and substantially heavier  stable mate, Ruger's GP100 might be even more ideal.  Here's why.

Adina is a fascinating woman who has many interests.  Among them is photography.  She charges other dancers to take them out into the mountains for photo shoots.  Now anyone who knows a thing about mountains knows that just about anything can happen. The weather can change suddenly.  Temperatures can drop to life endangering levels within hours. 

You can get snowed in for long periods of time which is exactly what happened at Donner Pass not too far from where Adina lives back in the 1800's when the ill fated expedition had to resort to cannibalism to survive.

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