Look out for Iowa Playhouse
Strip Club on the Move

by Jack Corbett

It's in Council Bluffs, Iowa which is right next door to Omaha, Nebraska, which boasts a rapidly growing Metropolitan population of 400,000 souls that are about to be saved by Sexy, Professional, Exotic Wrestling

Nude Hot Oil Wrestling which makes almost every red blooded American Male count his blessings.  But for the Iowa Playhouse, which has been around for just a few short months such blessings will be in the rosy future that is surely in store for this promising new club on the block. 

Last month the Playhouse got a brand new parking lot, huge to accommodate the large crowds the club expects in the immediate future.  Next month it's getting a hundred foot long extension that will put it in the midst of the Big Boys in Stripperdom.  But what really sets it apart from most clubs is its ready embrace of S.P.E.W. wrestling brought to it by Big Mike of the Lumberyard and Big Daddy from Missouri. 

The Iowa Playhouse has an ideal location just off route 29 in full view of the highway just a quarter mile off the exit ramp.  Now brace thyselves for the real biggie that's going to put the Playhouse on top and keep her there.  Big Daddy's just moved to Iowa to take the reigns as the Playhouse's new general manager.

But you really didn't come here to read a lot of blue ink about what a brilliant chief executive Big Daddy is or about this club's architectural expansion, now did you?  You came here for pictures, and you just noticed that there isn't a single picture on this page.  Well, I just got done updating the S.P.E.W. web site.  Put lot of pictures of naked chicks wrestling in hot oil and made up a lot of stories so I'm sending you there so you can feast your eyes on the babes who were at the Playhouse just a couple of weeks ago.  http://www.spewwrestling.com Just remember to come back.  I'll put a link up there so you won't forget.  On second thought, Spewwrestling no longer exists so do not try the link.  Instead go to the Looking Glass Magazine Forum to revisit Spew.

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