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The Republican Party GOP cartoon Strip 1
by Jack Corbett

 Representatives Flagman and Droopy Eyes tell Republicans to ruin the country
by always voting no to Obama so they can blame him and rule.

The unofficial GOP cartoon strip


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But before you begin, there's the need for translation--GOP=Godfathers of Organized Pricks and MMBN=Mothers for a More Boring Nation.

Got it?  Especially that last one.  MMBN is not an acronym for BM.   So here's the upshot.  Jack Corbett cannot draw.  That's me.  I am a terrible artist and that's exactly what I told Jeremy McTeague, my editor, when I was writing and shooting pictures for Xtreme Magazine.  I was not a professional photographer, well, yes and no, but I had great equipment back then and that's what I found myself doing---professional photography of strippers and feature entertainers all over the United States.  So here I had been writing my Dick Fitswell articles for Xtreme along with my guns and babes articles and a whole lot more so I suppose Jeremy thought I could do just about anything.  When he told me to try to do a cartoon to go with one of my Xtreme articles I told him, "I can't draw Jeremy", but I drew a cartoon anyway and when Jeremy saw it he said:  "You are right, Jack, you cannot draw."

I understand that Scott Waggoner (Greyghost) who used to do a few cartoons for me years ago, died.  Sadly I cannot begin to say how much he's missed.  And Dirt who conspired with me for 120 Death on the Wild Side cartoon strips many years ago, has long ago been out of touch with me.  Most of the original 120 cartoon strips were lost when a computer hard drive failed me more than a dozen years ago. And now I'm in Thailand I just can't find the right person to do a cartoon strip with me.  So it looks like I'll just have to draw my own. 


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