Queen of Rifles, the Springfield M14
by Jack Corbett

The Springfield M14 can do everything with accuracy from stopping grizzly bears to holding off a platoon with 20 round clips.

M-15 fully auto

What's a rifle like this doing in a rural cabin? It has the power you need for deer, moose, elk, or bear, so long as there is short enough a magazine in it to conform to the game laws. It also has the power that neutralizes vehicles with judicious shot placement.

Massod Ayoob

Xtreme Weapons Guns and Babes

The Springfield M 1A is Massod Ayoob's number one choice for a do everything rifle when he's out in the wilds removed from civilization where his very survival might call upon him to hunt big game for food, stop an enraged Grizzly bear or shoot it out with a gang of thugs. Massad mentions using short clips to "conform to the game laws". Twenty shot magazines are readily available, which is just the thing to shoot it out with drug dealers converging on your homestead in thick bodied semi trucks, or hiding behind trees most of which the M 1 A's .308 steel jacketed bullet will drill clean through. Which is not surprising since the M 1 A is Springfield Armory's civilian version of the M14 rifle which had been the U.S. main battle rifle from the late 1950's through the opening years of the Vietnam War.

Although obsoleted by the much lighter M16 rifle, the M14  was so good that it is still being called upon by elite troops whenever combat at long range is imminent.

An ex cop, Massad Ayoob is one of the most foremost gun writers in the country. Like, Massad, I had to get my own Springfield M 1 A, which had been my dream rifle

Naked feature entertainer firing Springfield M-1 A

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