Thailand's 5 Star Bangkok Pattaya Hospital outclasses American Hospitals
by Jack Corbett

Americans viewing this video will be ashamed of how much the 5 Star Bangkok Pattaya Hospital outclasses American hospitals

This video is my answer to ignorant Americans who refuse to believe top Thailand hospitals totally outclass  most American hospitals. "After all, it's in Thailand and Thailand is a backward country compared to the great U.S. so it is just wonderful having to pay the highest price in the world for sub standard health care as we ostriches with our heads in the American sand box continue to play Peter Pan in this never never land of make believe." 

I had had enough so I decided to sacrifice my own body to give you my dear readers a first hand account of what it is like being operated on in a Thailand hospital. 

At 7:30 p.m. I will be operated on for a broken clavicle from a motorbike accident while test driving Honda's 250 CBR for the Looking Glass Magazine.  The video starts off with two hospital nurses lavishing tender loving care on me several hours before my operation.  The next segment shows my girlfriend having five cavities fixed  in Bangkok Pattaya Hospital's dental section by one of the  dentists.  The rest of the video comprises random film clips ranging from one of my favorite eateries,  Au Bon Pain,  to the hospitals exercise room, to several of the hospital's attractive female employees.

So why would I pay twice as much to have my girlfriend's cavities filled at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital when I can get the job done at one of Pattaya's numerous dental clinics?    My motivation was a simple one.  Bangkok Pattaya Hospital is in the International medical tourism business in a big way, having to compete against the best hospitals in Singapore, Hong Kong, and India as well as the finest hospitals in the U.S. and in Europe.    In order to lure patients from well developed Western countries to have advanced medical procedures done here Bangkok Pattaya Hospital has to be at least as good as the best in the West.  And although it is possible that there are some terrific dentists in Pattaya operating out of much smaller clinics,  how can one be sure of what he is getting?  I didn't want to take any chances by using my girlfriend as a guinea pig to the unknown so I figured whoever worked on her teeth at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital would be up to the highest International standards.

The hospital has everything one could ask for and more at a level of service one will will never find in the U.S.   My broken clavicle is a typical example of not having to wait.  Within an hour of my arrival at the hospital I was assigned to a surgeon who looked at my x-rays, then asked me, "Do you want me to operate today?"  Then, six weeks later I went into the hospital without an appointment for a minor ear infection.  Within an hour a specialist was was cleaning out my ear.  Another great advantage to the hospital is there doesn't seem to be any general practioners or internists in the place.  One immediately sees a specialist so there's little time lost.  

There's a lot of pretty women around too and three or four restaurants, a well equipped exercise room and the rooms are large, with each one being equipped with a forty inch television, a large balcony with a view, a wardrobe large enough to live out of for extended periods of time, microwave, coffee machine and much much more.  All the conveniences of a small apartment are in each room including an extra bed that folds down from a couch for one's significant other.  Two bedroom suites are also available just in case one wants to bring his entire family around. 

I can go on and on, but it's best for you to be the judge.  Which is why I've created this video.


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